Church Records Preservation Committee

Digital Images


The Church Records Preservation Committee was formed in 2005 for the purpose of assisting churches and their archives with conservation of their non-replaceable records. The Story of the CRPC describes the Mission Statement, History, Privacy Guidelines, Volunteers, Funding and the process used to safeguard these records.

Please Note:

  1. Except for blank pages, which were not photographed or scanned, the images represent Church records as they appear in their original form and order.
  2. Not all records follow logical chronological or alphabetic order.
  3. Digitally photographed or scanned from original documents by the Church Records Preservation Committee of the Rochester Genealogical Society, Inc. whose members are: Larry Lavery (Chair), Peter Bush, Bob Coomber, Russ Green, Eila Harkonen-Hart, Roscoe Hastings, Roger Heintz, Kathryn Heintz, Barb Koehler, Linda Koehler, Larry Naukam, Jim Paprocki and Sharon Perkins.
  4. These records have been digitized and published on this website with permission. All copyrights have been reserved by the churches and repositories that currently hold the original records.

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